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About us

RBBC is a law firm which provides comprehensive legal services for companies. We offer legal, fiscal, bookkeeping as well as restructuring support. Restructuring of companies and bankruptcies of business entities, former entrepreneurs as well as individual consumers are particularly important pillars of our organization. We conduct restructuring court proceedings and prepare company restructuring plans as well as business plans. We assist in the process of debt reduction and help to obtain financial resources for the establishment and development of companies both on regular commercial terms and favourable market terms (0,94% interest rate). Through our extensive international cooperation, we offer our business clients assistance in developing new market opportunities overseas, with particular focus on London and Budapest, where our direct business partners reside. We find solutions to the problems of your company and we enhance its development.

Management Board


Jagoda Wojciechowska (CEO & Owner)

The owner and CEO of Centrum Restrukturyzacji i Upadłości Sp. z o. o. (RBBC brand). Jagoda started her professional legal career in a lawyer’s office during her studies at the Faculty of Law, focusing on economic matters and providing comprehensive legal assistance to entrepreneurs, particularly those who struggled with insolvency challenges. In 2016 she became Licensed Restructuring Advisor (license no. 1078) and established Centrum Restrukturyzacji i Upadłości Sp. z o. o. Since then Jagoda has specialized in dealing with cases involving bankruptcies and restructuring, both as authority in liquidation and restructuring proceedings (receiver, administrator, court supervisor) and out-of-court advisor providing comprehensive legal services to developing national and overseas business entities. In 2018 Jagoda worked for one of the greatest corporations in the world dealing with investment funds management – BlackRock, where she gained invaluable professional experience in the international financial environment. She is an active member of the professional association of Licensed Restructuring Advisors of the Polish Chamber of Licensed Restructuring Advisors as well as a member of the Insolvency Section of the International Bar Association (IBA), which refers to the international association of lawyers interested in restructuring, bankruptcy law, creditors’ rights as well as affiliated company law, trading behaviour and market and procedural practices. Jagoda participates in regular trainings concerning bankruptcy and restructuring procedures and successfully completed the following trainings:
• The Valuation of Viable as Well as Temporarily and Permanently Unviable Enterprises, Bomis, Poznań – 2 July 2020;
• Bankruptcy Law and Pre-Pack 2020. A Practical Insight into the New Amendment to the Bankruptcy Law, Which Came into Force on March 24, 2020, Beck Akademia, Warsaw – May 19, 2020;
• Consumer Bankruptcy in Practice, Beck Akademia, Warsaw – July 18, 2019;
• Restructuring Law in Practice, Beck Akademia, Warsaw – June 25, 2019;
• Transfer Prices and intra-Community transactions, Polish Association of Law and Market Economy, Warsaw – September 22, 2016;
• The Position of the Creditor Council and its Competences in Restructuring and Bankruptcy Proceedings, Regional Chamber of Restructuring Advisors, Warsaw – June 10, 2016;
• New Restructuring Law – the Position of the Creditor in the Debtor’s Insolvency Procedures, Beck Akademia, Warsaw – December 1, 2015;
• Practical Aspects of Consumer Bankruptcy, District Chamber of Receivers in Warsaw, November 21, 2015.


Karol Wojciechowski – Proxy

Karol has recently graduated from his Master studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. He wrote his master thesis entitled ”Third-Party Liability for Corporate Entity’s Liabilities as per the Liquidation and Restructuring Law”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wojciech Morawski. He is an author and contributor to scientific journals and made a number of conference appearances connected with liquidation and restructuring cases. He has also been a keen participant of courses dealing with individual insolvency matters. He was a vice president of a student scientific group on tax law and the president of the working group on electoral law called ‘Elektor’. His early working career experience comes from working with entities concerned with law and tax matters within Bydgoszcz and Warsaw jurisdictions. Currently, he is broadening his knowledge in the liquidation and restructuring fields as well as in the area of civil law. Within his area of interest one can find tax law, with emphasis on third party liabilities, tax interpretations, administrative and liquidations/restructuring laws.

Magdalena Trzeciak-Lula – Financial Director (CFO)

Financial Director of Centrum Restrukturyalizacji i Upadałów Sp. z o. o., chief accountant, owner of the “Magdalena Trzeciak – Lula Accounting Office” located at ul. Szosa Bydgoska 52. Having several years of experience in accounting, tax and payroll services for enterprises. She also specializes in keeping accounting books of entrepreneurs during the restructuring and bankruptcy process. Turnover taxes remain a special area of her interest.


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Our mission is providing professional legal as well as financial assistance both to individual consumer and enterprises in situations when they are struggling with cashflow or liquidity problems or are directly threatened with insolvency. Moreover, we offer to save our customers from bankruptcy by taking advantage of new regulations concerning restructuring processes.


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