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Business development is frequently connected with the necessity of obtaining additional financial resources for the implementation of investment activities. Our company offers assistance in acquiring funds for the development of business units both on favourable terms and regular commercial terms so that the prepared business plans could be enforced and implemented successfully.

Our activities involve:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Preparation of legal and financial due diligence of the client companies
  • Preparation of applications for investment loans on favourable terms (interest rate between 0,94% and 3%)
  • Preparation of applications for European Union grants
  • Debt restructuring and preparation of cost optimization programs
  • Adjustment of the legal form of the business and legal assistance (transformation of business activity, establishment of a limited liability company as well as other commercial law companies, adjustment of business activity to the market needs, long-term legal services for companies)
  • Assistance in the acquisition of overseas partners and customers.

Restructuring Under National Law

In January 2016 new restructuring law was passed and came into force as an Act of Parliament, which along with a thorough amendment of the bankruptcy law created new solutions for citizens threatened with insolvency as well as insolvent entrepreneurs. Restructuring can prove useful when an entrepreneur has lost liquidity or can easily predict that he will suffer from lack of liquidity in the foreseeable future due to, for instance, loss of the most important customer, unexpected economic or legal changes, or even chance events and personal misfortunes which can have a negative impact on the condition of the company.

Benefits of restructuring:

  • Four types of proceedings giving entrepreneurs possibilities to adjust solutions to their needs and situation
  • Easy opening of the restructuring process – reasons for financial problems of the enterprise are not investigated
  • Immunity from enforcement (suspension of enforcement proceedings)
  • Possibility of enterprise recovery and avoiding bankruptcy
  • Measures influencing the acceleration of proceedings
  • Advanced resolution tools in the sanative procedure

Restructuring proceedings:

Entrepreneurs can choose among four different types of proceedings which can help them emerge from financial difficulties. Each of them is characterized by different properties, therefore, for each entrepreneur, depending on their individual circumstances, ideal types of procedure can be applied.

  • Proceedings concerning the approval of the arrangement
  • Accelerated conciliatory procedures
  • Conciliatory procedures
  • Sanative procedures

It must be remembered that every case is specific and should be examined separately by a qualified restructuring counsellor who will provide assistance in selecting an appropriate procedure and preparing a restructuring plan.

Scope of activities within the framework of restructuring proceedings for an entrepreneur:

  • Performing the function of restructuring counsellor, court supervisor or court administrator
  • Preparing applications for the opening of restructuring proceedings: proceedings concerning the approval of the arrangement, accelerated conciliatory procedures, conciliatory procedures and sanative procedures
  • Preparing restructuring plans and arrangements
  • Negotiating with creditors on the acceptance of the arrangement and renegotiating the provisions of the concluded contracts
  • Debt restructuring and preparing cost optimization programs
  • Preparing voting cards and supervising voting procedures
  • Due diligence evaluating the relevance of implementing insolvency proceedings
  • Legal and economic restructuring of companies as well as sole proprietorships
  • Consultancy in the area of refinancing and changes in financing of enterprises, ie. the assistance in obtaining new financial resources on favourable terms (interest rate from 0,94%), renegotiating the provisions of the concluded contracts

Scope of activities within the framework of restructuring proceedings for a creditor:

  • Representing creditors in restructuring procedures before courts
  • Drafting pleadings and preparation of legal submissions in restructuring procedures including ie. the application of creditors for the establishment of the creditors’ council, the application of creditors for the convocation of the creditors’ council, creditors’ charges against the arrangements as well as the application of creditors for repealing the arrangement


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Our mission is providing professional legal as well as financial assistance both to individual consumer and enterprises in situations when they are struggling with cashflow or liquidity problems or are directly threatened with insolvency. Moreover, we offer to save our customers from bankruptcy by taking advantage of new regulations concerning restructuring processes.


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