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Consumer bankruptcy

RBBC company offers comprehensive services in the fields of consumer bankruptcy across the country. We provide assistance and consultancy in the process of moving through successive stages of debt cancellation so that clients who are currently unable to clear their liabilities (ineffective debt enforcement) could obtain debt reduction. If you are struggling with financial problems, you are not able to fully repay your financial obligations or you have become entangled in the so-called debt spiral, we will help you solve these problems.

Consumer bankruptcy has recently become easier to carry out and therefore is quickly gaining popularity. In 2016 a new amendment to the bankruptcy law was adopted and it considerably facilitates conducting this procedure. A new lower fee was implemented (PLN 30), regulations were harmonized and simplified and a new application form was introduced.

Such solutions are widely applied in the neighbouring European countries, for instance in Czechia, where approximately 20,000 consumer bankruptcies are declared every year, whereas in Germany even up to 100,000. It should be mentioned here that the number of consumer bankruptcies in Poland has been rising steadily since 2016. In 2018 as many as 6,500 consumer bankruptcies were declared.

In order to assess your personal financial status you can take advantage of a free of charge phone consultation.


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Our activities cover:

  • Economic and legal analysis of the actual financial status of the client based on the documentation provided
  • Drafting of the application for the declaration of consumer bankruptcy
  • Drafting of the application for the declaration of joint bankruptcy of married couples
  • Drafting of the application for the declaration of individual bankruptcy of former entrepreneurs
  • Representation during meetings with insolvency administrators
  • Preparation of charges against the plans of insolvency assets distribution as well as charges against the plans of distribution of the capital obtained from the disposal of objects and rights in rem
  • Preparation of lawsuits for the exclusion of assets which do not belong to the insolvency estate as well as assets received from the disposal of property and representation before the court during the exemption proceedings
  • Drafting of the application for the long-term security of adequate housing
  • Drafting of the application for the cancellation of financial liabilities


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Our mission is providing professional legal as well as financial assistance both to individual consumer and enterprises in situations when they are struggling with cashflow or liquidity problems or are directly threatened with insolvency. Moreover, we offer to save our customers from bankruptcy by taking advantage of new regulations concerning restructuring processes.


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